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Hola desde Portugal,
nuestro pequeño grupo de alumnos y profesores llegó el viernes a Portugal. Lo primero que hicimos fue alojarnos en la ciudad de Porto. Sinembargo el sabado nos trasladamos a una ciudad pequeña al norte: Guimaraes. Esta es considerada la cuna de Portugal, donde podemos decir que se fundó ya que antes de eso Portugal pertenecía a España!!!! Allí pasamos el día y ya el domingo nos recogieron para llevarnos a Meahlada, ciudad del encuentro de Colegios Comenius. El lunes, empezamos la convivencia, al principio un poco difícil sobre todo para aquellos que se conocen por primera vez, caso de Ainoa, Andrea y Rita. Ellas han dejado escrito su DIARIO. Hasta pronto

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  1. 1
    Juanfri Salamanca(Tass,1º) 

    For a moment i thought you were the real Gioconda.Her face looks like you.
    It´s well done.Greetings and see you soon.

  2. 2

    Where ar the photos…? I’m waiting for them…

  3. 3

    we arrived on Sunday to Portugal and stayed in Porto. On Saturday we visited the town of Guimaraes we saw a castle, a palace, middleage buildings and when we got back to Porto we sat next two women who talked too much. On Sunday we joined the Comenius schools and a bus drove us to Mealhada. On Monday, we started the presentation. We were very nervous because everybody spoke in English but we finally did it very well. The Portuguese teachers took us to Bucasso forest and Palace, which is now a 5 stars hotel. On Tuesday we continued the presentations. In the afternoon we went to the beach in Aveiro and Nacho and other people swam. Then we visited the wine caves; the place was dark and the ceiling was full of spider webs. Finally we had pork, salad and chips for dinner and I liked very much. I like Portugal and I want to buy presents for my family and friends because I miss my family and friends. See you tomorrow. Rita 4ªA

  4. 4

    On Tuesday, we went to the town hall in Mealhada. When we got back to school we did our presentation, we were so nervous but finally everything was alright. Most of countries gave us easter eggs and also we painted some of them in the school play ground. After lunch we visited Costa Nova beach and Aveiro where we enjoyed on the beach. Nacho went in to the rough sea and tried to get us wet. After this we went to the Caves Messias and the guide showed us the wine tanks. We were afraid of the spider web which was hanging from the ceiling. There we had leitao (small pork) and it tasted very well. Finally at night, we outside the apartaments in the garden chatting with the others Comenius teachers and students. ANDREA 1ºBACH.

  5. 5

    Hello, today we went to Conimbriga and we saw the roman ruins. The weather was very hot. Later we ate salad, lettuce, tomato and beef. It disappeared a cap and a shoe but it appeared later!!! Then we visited Coimbra and we saw the church and the university. This university was created in XIII century. Then we had some free time to go shopping. I bought a Bikini, a lighter, magnets, a glass and a necklace. We went back to the hotel to have a shower and dinner. After dinner we listen Fado, a typical song from Portugal. I like it very much. AINHOA 4A

  6. 6

    Today it is Friday and we come back to our island. The experience has been fantastic . We spoke all the time with people who live in different countries and I think it is more interesting when you know other customs and another ways of life.
    I am meeting now my colleagues and little students . They are so kind! Then, I am never alone. I don’t want to come back as soon as this. I need to weeks more because on Monday our life will go into daily routine.
    We have some ideas for Comenius in Lila’s school. At first we will make Comenius Corner and we will show on it photos and reports and some basic concepts about our countries customs and traditions. In this project fifteen schools are participating and we think it is interesting to know the names of European countries, capitals, lakes, food, forests or traditional folk dances and sports.
    What else? We want to speak in English during the breaks and free time whenever we are. We will organize some games and contests to foster communication among teachers and students.
    From these lines we encourage everybody to participate with us and contribute with your work so as to make a better Comenius Project. NACHO

  7. 7

    Gloria- Some lovely photos! We really had a great time. Love your blog! Sandra

  8. 8

    Hi Sandra, I am glad you like it….my boyfriend has been a big help…
    See you soon again…

  9. 9

    This very good photos, I did not know that was also nacho.
    To see if you get a scholarship for older students aged jajajjajaja nothing else jajajja.
    We must talk to the counseling that can not be Us also have the right haha.
    A kiss golry.

  10. 10

    It is a pity because many photos are not set error.

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