This group of young students danced for us a typical turkish folk song.

Something  that characterizes these people is the way they treat visitors…They are quite hospitable… and offer their guests anything they may need.

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    Juanfri Salamanca(Tass,1º) 

    I think it´s interesting to know it,so the turkish folk song is very wide,because how us,each region has its dance with particular costumes,rythmics and instruments.I suppose that the dance was for guest welcoming.

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    Hi Juanfri

    The girls in the video are wearing typical Otoman clothes. The music is really nice to be danced, very rhythmical.
    It was the School Presentation so they were showing their best. I am glad you liked it.

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    Teresa Cubas 

    There is called me the attention very much the typical suits, I like the pace of the song and the dance, though I like more ours. (XD). It seems to me to be interesting to know culture of other countries.

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    I am glad you liked too.
    Canary Folkdances are also funny as you say. One teacher from School told me yesterday that a Dance called El Canario, was present in the European Courts in the XVI century. I checked that and it is true. The most similar dance which is still used in The Canaries is The SIRINOQUE. Curious???

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