Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Turkey .This project aims to encourage students and teachers from 16 countries to work together on a topic important to them all:”Traditions”. Intercultural education begins with common things and values, valorizing then those singularities of the people. The students and teachers will be stimulated to develop their language skills, their researçch, organizational and social skills as well as their artisitic and creative abilities, by registering legends from popular artisits, translating them into English and then recomposing them into story books, illustrating them, gathering recipes, translating into English and structuring them into cookery books, realizing calendars, presentations, exchanging e-mail or talking in chat rooms with their partners. This collaboration will result in three FINAL TASKS: a calendar, marking the traditional holidays of the partners; a brochure which will describe the holidays; and a cookery book which will contain recipes for traditional dishes of the partners, translated into English too.

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    Yes, I loved math. I remember our school had awards at the end of the year and I always wanted to get best in math! I never did, but I sure kept trying.

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