Hello to all,

Here we have two videos showing images from the Comenius group in Gran Canaria, at school, at their free time, eating, visiting our beautiful villages, beaches and specially, enjoying as much as they could.

You can see most of participants working together and showing great affection for each other…as a group of friends. What do you think about this type of experiences among people from so many different places?

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    Juanfri Salamanca(Tass,1º) 

    I like this type of meetings between students from different countries of Europe.So we know their customs and the way of studying in their respective countries.I hope they enjoy our island and its diverse climate.I saw the pictures that were in different parts of the island,from the north(Agaete)to south(Maspalomas),and from the capital(Las Canteras beach and Vegueta,my neighborhood)to our summits(Roque Nublo).I´m sure they know why Gran Canaria is called the small continent.What a same we couldn´t be with you.Greetings.

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    Hi Juan Francisco,
    as you can see you are the first …and only participant in the blog!!! Thank you so much for your interest because I am sure you will get very good marks.
    I am preparing the vist to Portugal for the 1st of April and I am very busy. The students who are coming with me are making a Power Point and a video. Topic: Spring Holidays.
    As a kind of prize for your good work, I can upload here the song you’d wish. -the video, of course-. All right???? Just tell me and I will look for the link.
    Bye and have a nice evening

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    The experience of the comenius was entertained. We had the opportunity to know people of other countries, also we could practise the language and know new customs and traditions.

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    I have liked enough all the videoes and all the faces conicidas that it is

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    I like the comenius because the boys and girls were very friendly and I really like these types of changes cultural because know other culture and especially other person

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    Hello glory,to tell you I like every thing and I like your interest,effort and support.
    Thanks your very much for helping me so much and be always aware of me.

    Admn tell that juanfri is not the first participant that Erasmus everyone involved and was a great effort for many, which if true is that it is the first who wrote on the blog.

    A kiss Glory.

  7. 7

    Ahhh say I saw the video of my husband is great, to save loved it and said that if I gravels.
    My daughter Nayeli gonna write now.
    kiss glory.

  8. Thanks for the lizard and I really liked the video.
    a kiss for you and your family glory.

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